juice bar and fruit and vegetable shop | Rome | 2016


#interiordesign #furniture #frame #colours #shop #food

The idea behind the project is to combine the sales space of vegetable products with a place where you can have a quick and healthy meal at the Trastevere train station in Rome.


The proposal defines a light structure made of yellow iron frames that surrounds the areas for the public.Through the combination of panels of white metal full and perforated sheets, the frames integrate all the necessary elements for carrying out the activity in the shop. There are fruit and vegetable stands, the tables to sit at, the counter where the prepared food is displayed, refrigerators, storage spaces and communication surfaces.Within the fixed frames there are a series of mobile objects, such as the register and the scales, to make the most of the reduced space of the room and permit a greater flexibility for the possible uses in different times of the day.


type: commission
status: preliminary project
client: private