urban park and public space | Roma | 2019

second place


#urbanpark #publicspace #urbanregeneration

The project for the redevelopment of the urban area of ​​the Villaggio Olimpico is a unique opportunity: to work in a central area, inserted in a wider sector in transformation, producing public spaces.

The design solution develops from a few considerations on the existing state of things, in particular regarding the relationship between the amount of public space and the urban density of people and activities necessary to activate it. Therefore, the project for public space is based on three guiding principles that determine the spatial choices:
concentrating > interventions, people and activities in a few well-defined poles, by form and characteristics, social gatherings, capable of creating small concentrations of urban vitality (the Campo, the Portico, the Arena);
clearing > as much as possible the ground floor from the incongruous elements that, obstructing perceptions and views, contradict the idea of ​​continuity on which the designers of the Villaggio Olimpico based their project;
connecting > the new polarities and existing elements, defining a network of routes and connections, physical or visual.

To develop a transformative intervention capable of regenerating the entire urban area, we  operated in a strategic manner, organizing the project in four phases and structuring a development strategy that, on one hand, is capable of absorbing alternative methods for the realization, management and maintenance of public assets and, on the other, is sufficiently flexible to respond to requirements, opportunities and needs, which by their nature change over time.

Esempio didascalia (2019) – info > link


type: restricted design competition
result: second place
client: Roma Capitale