urban regeneration of Kartner Strasse | Europan 14 | Graz, Austria | 2017



#urbanregeneration #strategy #infrastructure #urbandesign

The challenge consists in turning Kärntner Straße, an ordinary access road to the city, into The Collaborative Mile, a well-defined district with specific features (physical, relational and intangible) based on the principles of sharing:

– resource sharing (taking advantage from opportunities and resources of the different actors that operate on the territory);
– knowledge sharing (creating incubators to facilitate short circuiting between ideas and different skills);
– economy sharing (resulting from new productive models -grouping production, services, research and training-, and generated by the new demand posed by new inhabitants);
– transformative capacity sharing (only collaborating and combining resources and goals a transformation that responds to an overall image will be possible).


It is necessary to define:

  1. the general rules, a system of strategic guidelines based on a decalogue (>> THE RULES) that define the structure and the development principles.
  2. typologies of intervention (>> THE INGREDIENTS) which, depending on the specified goals and opportunities, can be realized on the territory. They concern: type of buildings, defined in their functional mix, size and formal characteristics; street types (High Street, Active Street, Quiet Street), defined by new road sections and the corresponding buildings density; lastly, the type of public spaces (Multiple surfaces, Community Courtyards, Passages), defined by the public pole to which they are connected (Urban, Starter, Catalyst, Pill), diversified in intensity and attractiveness.
  3. the operating mechanism (>>THE PROCESS), that is, the procedural method that allows to tactically catch the opportunities that unexpectedly come up over time. The Kärntner Collaborative Agency, a municipal council unit in the Collaborative Mile, will play a key role during the process (in promoting the transformative possibilities between residents and local operators, in supporting projects development, in coordination, in organizing events and in space management).


type: ideas competition
result: finalist
cliente: City of Graz