interactive installation forAttraversamenti 09 – Biennale diffusa di architettura temporanea” | Foligno (PG) | 2009


#exhibition #landscape #infrastructure #city #temporarysetting

25 cubes for unlimited combinations of possible worlds
30 selected elements
15 themes of reflection on the basis of a sustainable future

The crisis is planetary
The responsibility is individual
The image of the world is a changing balance of conscious choices


The installation aims to draw the attention of the user on the theme of awareness of individual choices and responsibilities in formation and constitution of the environment, meant as a combination of physical and social space. The research for new ways of planning and managing urban transformations is a process necessarily multidisciplinary and multiscale: landscape, architecture, economy, art, ecology, philosophy, biology, sociology, computer science, etc. must be borrowed to interpret, represent and plan the complexity of urban dynamics at different scales, from the city to the single artistic intervention.


type: commission
status: built
client: Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary
with: Paola Fusco