urban park and sports center for a new residential area | MenoèPiù 5 | Roma | 2008



#landscape #urbanpark #publicspace #playground #sportfacilities

The project of the park is based on the reading of the territory and makes some reflections about the still clearly legible traces of the Agro Romano, the typical watercourses and the natural formations of the gorges. The reinterpretation of these signs has led to a design that suggests the reading of the territory by stratigraphic sections. Just like inside a gorge, the park discovers diversified landscapes that connect gradually the urbanized district with the rural surrounding of the Fosso Radicelli, nucleus of biodiversity. The aim of the intervention is therefore to preserve the landscape and enhance its meaning, re-proposing a structure that is typical of the Roman countryside, with its typical elements, scattered trees, farmland, open glades.


The themed bands decreasing of height through the alternation of soft green slopes and terraces offer progressively a more rural atmosphere. The urban “banks” group the accesses to the park, the activities, the sports complex and the parkings and public space system. A reticulation of paths continues the distribution of the park, supporting the topography and linking the two banks to the main path of the ring in the heart of the park. This is the element that gives centrality to the park both for the activities that you can carry out (resting, jogging, fitness trail), both for interconnections that are generated by the entire neighborhood. In the inner side of the ring, along all the Radicelli ditch, develops the park with more natural character .


type: restricted design competition
result: winner
client: Comune di Roma
with: LAND srl, studio UAP, Paola Fusco, Daniela Pastore, Davide Sacconi
strucure: Studio Rubini
echnical systems: IN.ARCH.ECO
artist: Raymundo Sesma