new housing settlement in the PII Cascina Merlata | AAA architetti cercasi | Milano | 2010

special mention


#housing #newurbanity #community

The proposal is to structure the intervention as a city block in the countryside and consists of several buildings, with the aim of establishing an integrated system of voids inside. The project is essentially a part of the city where the different elements, placed side by side, generating in turn, views, streets, plazas and squares in continuity with the natural spaces that surround the area.


The different building types have been designed to accommodate the largest possible number of different housing types, in order to meet the diverse needs and desires of the community. The goal of this project is to create a precise relationship between solid and void, between building type and characteristics of the open space: public, semi-public and private. The project proposes an intervention where buildings, occupying only 25% of the surface area, leaving the ground free paths, gardens and common areas, gardens, playground and private gardens on the ground floors of residences. These strategies ensure that the entire project to appear as a part of the city, where the variety and the alternation of spaces, materials and colors, they return in the immediate idea of ​​urban complexity.


typ: ideas competition
risultato: special mention
client: Confcooperative, Legacoop, Euromilano
with: 2A+P/A, Tommaso Arcangioli