social network for the temporary transformation of underused urban spaces


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CITY-HOUND connects the owners of spaces (private subjects or public administrations) and people who need spaces (urban hounds) to realize an idea or a project. The goal is to simplify connections and exchanges between owners and active citizens, making it possible to easily realize creative projects with a bottom-up initiative.

 CITYHOUND allows to:
– know the resources of the territory
– discover the spaces of opportunity
– stimulate creativity and the desire for a re-appropriation of spaces
– support the launch of new actions
– reactivate underused spaces
– build an ecological, creative and sustainable community


CITY-HOUND is configured as an open and adaptable platform that has two main activation keys. On one hand, there is the motivation of active citizenship and social networks, both of which want to regain possession of a public space that today is no longer able to represent the current society; on the other hand there is the large amount of residual spaces and abandoned buildings, constantly generated by the reproductive logic of the city. Spaces that belong to everyday urban landscape but remain below the threshold of ordinary visibility and that, in a moment of attention to soil consumption like the current one, are well suited for light, economic (in terms of realization, environmental and managerial) and temporary (meaning to respond to a specific moment of the life cycle of the city-organism) re-functionalizations. Active citizenship and underused spaces are the space of possibility in which CITYHOUND operates.


type: research
status: ongoing
web platform developer: WIS web interactive solutions
graphic and video: IKON advertising