Four Tales

Project: Four Tales
Type: ideas competition
Place: Jyväskylä, Finland
Period: 2006
With: Marco Colaiacomo, Daniela Pastore, Raffaele Patitucci

Client: local municipality

Program: pubblic space, housing















The main theme that we purpose to resolve with this project is the insertion of an urban structure within an area strongly branded by natural elements with considerable environmental and landscaping values as the lake and the forest.
The project researches the equilibrium between natural and artificial, between landscape and cityscape, that let’s us preserve the strong and peculiar elements of both these environments.
On one hand the natural landscape that has to be perceived as a whole, uncontaminated; on other hand the anthropic landscape with its dynamic texture of social relationships.
The idea is to give plenty expressions to the identities of the natural and the artificial landscape relating them one another, putting them even in contrast, to build a stronger relationship between different spaces and different ways to live the space.

The element that defines the structure of the project is the wall that, tracing sinuous lines that insert themselves in the landscape, draws up the boundaries of an alternating sequence of wood-space and city-space.
On one hand the wall is meant as a boundary, as an enclosure that separates and regulates, with different levels of permeability, the passage from natural environment to anthropized environment. On the other hand the wall is the strong and homogeneous through out you can read and underline the difference between the elements of the landscape: the variety of the essences and of the arboreal mass, the morphology and the nature of the ground, the alternation of open and closed spaces.

The wall is finally the technological element that hold and lead all the infrastructural components (implants, connection, traffic paths) and at the same time it provides to the house’s climatic sustainability, protecting from the atmospheric agents or catalyzing their positives effects.
The houses are concentrated in four different “tales”, each of one characterizes itself for dimension, density, morphology of the ground and relationship with natural landscapes. This variety of element determines the relationship between the wall and the houses that, depending on the case, lean themselves, stand by or belong to.











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